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Exceeding OSHA, ANSI, & Manufacturer Standards & Guidelines.

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Ladders First is a professional inspection and repair company that provides top-notch services to ensure the safety of the ladders in your workplace. We specialize in ladder repair services, which are essential to prevent accidents and injuries due to damaged or worn ladders.

Our experienced ladder repair professionals are trained to identify and assess a wide range of ladder safety concerns, including ladder stability, rung spacing, safety labeling, conductive fiberglass blooming, and other structural issues. We take pride in providing high-quality repair services that will prolong the lifespan of your ladders and help businesses avoid potential safety hazards.

In addition to our ladder repair services, we also offer ladder inspection services to help identify potential issues before they become a problem in our “Fixed Ladder” division. Our ladder inspection professionals can help businesses develop ladder inspection checklists and maintenance schedules, ensuring that ladders are regularly checked and maintained according to industry standards and regulations all while being tracked and recorded with unique identification tags.  

At Ladders First, we understand the importance of ladder safety in the workplace. That's why we follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), American Ladder Institute (ALI), and ALL Manufacturer guidelines for ladder safety, including guidelines for ladder inspection, maintenance, and use. By investing in our ladder repair services, businesses can ensure that they are providing a safe and secure workplace for their employees.

When it comes to ladder safety, Ladders First has got you covered. Our ladder repair services are essential to encourage less accidents and injuries due to lack of a safety plan or damages to worn ladder parts. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure the safety of your employees in the workplace.

On-Site Demonstrations

On-Site Demonstrations

We provide in-person product demos, so you can see firsthand. When it comes to ladder safety, there's no room for error. That's why at Ladders First, we offer onsite demonstrations to help educate you and your employees on proper ladder safety techniques, as well as show you how we inspect and repair ladders. During our onsite demonstrations, we'll walk you through our ladder inspection process step-by-step, from checking the rungs and rails to ensuring that all parts are securely fastened. We'll also demonstrate how we repair ladders, including replacing worn or damaged parts and ensuring that the ladder is safe to use. Our team of ladder safety professionals has years of experience in inspecting and repairing ladders, and we follow all ladder regulations and OSHA ladder safety standards to the letter. By scheduling an onsite demonstration with Ladders First, you're investing in the safety of your employees and your business. In addition, the onsite demonstration provides an opportunity for your employees to ask questions and learn best practices for ladder safety, such as the proper way to set up and use a ladder, as well as how to maintain and inspect it. At Ladders First, we believe that ladder safety is a top priority, and our onsite demonstrations are a proactive step towards reducing ladder-related accidents and injuries in your workplace. Contact us today to schedule an onsite demonstration and see firsthand how we ensure your equipment is always ready for work!

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